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The museum displays an exhibition featuring very specific objects which are classified by function and social role. For example, the acrylic human figures demonstrate the results of the physical anthropology research carried out on the bone remains from the site, providing information to date the remains as well as the height and physical appearance of the region’s ancient inhabitants.

The panels describing each of the aspects of daily life refer to the landscape at the time that Alta Vista was founded, and reveal that the flora and fauna of the place was very different to today.

The objects which comprised the offerings, from the smallest to the largest, reveal the degree to which the ancient inhabitants of this valley were specialized and skillful in the techniques of working stone, pottery, wood and shell. This is true of the offering found in the Pyramid of the Sun (or Structure 2B) and the offering found on the north corner of the Hall of the Columns.

The architectural details on display are vitally important because they prove the influence of Teotihuacan on the region. There are also two simple diagrams interpreting the Chalchihuites culture, one on the geographical spread of the culture and the other showing the development of the culture over time.

Since turquoise belongs to a family of precious stones highly valued by the pre-Hispanic peoples, objects decorated with turquoise must be examined very closely, and not just in the funerary context, but also as everyday adornments, such as the 165 turquoise buttons which are displayed in the area on the foundation and the peak of the culture.

Finally, two videos are shown which contribute to an understanding of the world view and the role of astronomy at Alta Vista, and they should be seen by all visitors since they help to place all of the objects on display in the context of the site’s architectural complexes.


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