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Museo de Sitio Coatetelco
The central Tlahuica site, subordinate to the Mexica, who came with them from legendary Aztlan. The ceramics were very varied from the earliest times. At one stage they were influenced by Teotihuacan and latterly by Tenochtitlan. The most interesting exhibits are a sculpture of Xipe Totec, the flayed god and a temalacatl or sacrificial stone.

Archeological site
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Exhibition with stories about the Tlahuica people and archeological finds. Coatetelco was important for its ceremonial sites and the Tlahuica culture deities who arrived at the site from Micatlan during the legendary pilgrimage of the Nahua tribes who came from Aztlan. The region was in conflict with the center of Mexico and came under the yoke of the Mexica empire, which converted it into a subordinate province. The finds on show in the museum come from the site excavations and include the first remains of ceramics with local traits, and objects which point to influence from Teotihuacan, and afterwards ceramic figurines which reflect the power of the Mexica. There is an interesting sculpture of Xipe-Totec, “our lord of the flayed skin,” which was found partly destroyed in a plinth on the site. It is assumed that the Tlahuica performed human sacrifices since a stone called a temalacatl was also found. It was over this type of stone that the Mexica used to carry out human sacrifice.
October 1976
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Zona Arqueológica de Coatetelco, Amargura s/n, Colonia Centro,
C.P. 62606,
Miacatlán, Morelos, México.

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