Álvarez Sánchez Edwin Alberto
Edwin Alberto Álvarez Sánchez
Museo Casa de Carranza

History graduate of the UNAM Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (1998-2003). He took an MA in Mexican History at the College of Mexico (2004-2015).

He has been a researcher for the Presidential Guard’s Historical Gallery, contributing to a book on the Presidential Guard: "Estado Mayor Presidencial. Evolución de una tradición de honor y lealtad".
He is currently researcher at the Carranza House Museum where he has curated the exhibitions: “Celaya: el triunfo del constitucionalismo,” “¡Viva Carranza! A 95 años de la muerte de Venustiano Carranza” and “A los artífices del orden constitucional: el Congreso Constituyente de 1916-1917.” His research has focused on topics of military and political history in the nineteenth century. His undergraduate dissertation was titled: “Un pequeño Santa Anna. Biografía política de José Mariano Salas,” while his postgraduate thesis was on “Pedro García Conde. Militar, ingeniero y cartógrafo por tradición familiar.”
He is also founder member of the Seminar of Historical Studies of the Armed Forces (SEHFA), which has met at the Historical Studies Office of INAH for the last two years.
Álvarez Sánchez
Edwin Alberto
Álvarez Sánchez Edwin Alberto


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